President's Message July 2020

presdientGreetings fellow Metalsmiths,

Well it has been a strange year so far… 

If you’ve been keeping up with us you already know that we had 3 awesome events in June, including a Studio Tour moderated by our Vice President of Operations, Stella Schloss, where we visited the studios of Virginia Hyatt, Bill Gallagher and Andrea Kennington. The video from this event is available in our private (members only) online vimeo library HERE. 

We also had our 2nd workshop in the Stay @ Home Series, it was on the topic of the hydraulic press, with rolling mill & fabrication bonuses, you can read the workshop review written by our Secretary, Betsy Manheimer,  HERE

And last, we had a Show & Tell hosted by Erin Proctor where Members spoke up about what they have been up to. (video to be released this month)

We’re glad we’ve been able to provide fun and interesting programming even though the circumstances have been rough. As many conferences and public events have decided to close for the remainder of the year, some through Spring 2021 or later, MASSC held out hope that we would soon be able to resume our normal programming throughout remainder of the year. 

Unfortunately, it has become apparent, that hosting an in-person Demo Day is impossible under the current circumstances. We are looking into having Demo Day Online Via ZOOM this year, and are looking for presenters that can demonstrate or give a presentation 35-40 minutes long on a metalsmithing related topic. The talk can be pre-recorded and streamed with live Q+A session afterwards, or you can play a live powerpoint and talk over it, or the demo can be done live and streamed to our audience. Would anybody like to be one of our 5 presenters online this year?

Email demonstration Ideas to our Vice President or Programming, Ketarah Shaffer <>