Hydraulic Press Workshop Review

Workshop Review by Betsy Manheimer


MASSC recently held its second Stay @ Home workshop over Zoom with an enthusiastic group of members.


Our fearless leader, Angelina, conducted the workshop focusing on the use of the hydraulic press. Not only were there discussions and numerous demos on the use of the press, she also showed us how to make a really cute hinged octagonal box in the process using the dies she designed.




Each participant was shipped a kit with paper for roller-printing texture, some metal for forming and Three Matrix Die Sets with little pushers.




Everybody got the opportunity to show their various presses. Some were those that we are most familiar with that are offered by jewelry supply houses and companies, and some were home-made. There was a discussion of parts and basic maintenance which was really helpful so that we can diagnose mechanical problems should they arise.



Angelina showed diagrams and demonstrated how to “sandwich” the various elements in order to get a good pressing. She went over types of pushers required to get certain results and then allowed ample time for everyone to try their own pressings, after which we discussed any problems that were encountered in this process.




Angelina then went into how to use the pressing to design the box. She showed how to design and create a hinge leaf, discussed hinge pin size and how to ensure a smooth and even fit. She also demonstrated a quick and easy clasp mechanism.


octagon box


This was a great hands-on workshop where we had the opportunity to meet other members, learn more about our equipment and ask questions about any problems we had with the process.  We came out of it with the know-how to make a unique and pretty decorative object which can be a stand-alone item or used as a jewelry item. 


Angelina was asked if it was possible to buy more of the dies, as they come in many shapes, and the pattern paper was popular, so she decided to open an Etsy store to track orders. Get more of the matrix dies and pattern paper that were created by Angelina at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AngelinaSmithery.


We just added this edited workshop video to our online private members video library.


~ Members can watch it HERE ~


Well done Angelina!


~ Betsy Manheimer