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At 7:00pm Friday, March 13th, the Metal Arts Society of So Cal. held an emergency (online) meeting to discuss the current outbreak of Covid-19 and how best to handle our upcoming events to protect our members and the community.

In the news we have been hearing about many things getting cancelled or shutting down temporarily. Many schools have cancelled their classes or have moved to online-only formats, Coachella is postponed into the fall, The NBA canceled the rest of its season and Disneyland and Disney World are closed temporarily.

The California Government released a statement on March 11th:

March 16th, 2020


There are plenty of ways to mark your sheet or wire solders, but suppose you forgot to mark them and have a couple that you can't identify. The answer is to compare the melting temperature of the unknowns with that of a known solder.  What I do is take a thick scrap of copper or nickel and arrange several solders on it. Ideally, I would have a sample of easy, medium and hard known solders surrounding the unknown solder. Then I heat the plate from the bottom and watch the order in which the solders melt.





February 22nd, 2020

Members Spotlight

Debra Bard Javerbaum
How it all began … Almost a decade ago, I saw an unusual and striking piece of metal wall art at my relatives’ home. The piece, made and purchased in Estonia, was a colorful array of textured steel squares that I found absolutely captivating. For years I wanted to make one myself. When my family and I moved from New York City to Santa Monica I was fortunate to be able to set up a formal studio space in our garage. My objective was two-part: one, to learn everything I could about metal arts; and two, to apply my art and design background to capture the spirit of the artwork I had fallen in love with so long ago. I studied and researched online, made lots of trips to metal shops and hardware stores, took classes, sought advice from artists, jewelers and metalworkers, and then spent hours in my studio ...
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