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Q: I’ve had bone spurs at the base of several fingers on the palm side of my hands on and off since I graduated with a degree in metalsmithing. Because I constantly work with my hands, they never fully have a chance to go away. What can be done about bone spurs?


A:  I am not a doctor so I can’t offer you specific advice about bone spurs other than to see your doctor about them. They could be an indication of arthritis or some other medical condition, so seeing a professional is a good idea to diagnose the situation and determine if there is a medical solution that is acceptable to you.


December 30th, 2020
Metals Challenge 2021

It's time for the 2021 Metals Challenge!

Reserve your mystery challenge box now through January 31st!

Anybody can buy a Metals Challenge Box, but only current members of MASSC may participate in the challenge to compete for a prize. 


December 27th, 2020

Members Spotlight

Kay Yee

I am a formally trained metalsmith. I began my education decades ago in a community college in San Francisco. I was inspired by Roger Baird, my first metals teacher, to attend art school and I attended California College of Arts for my BFA and later California State University  Long Beach for my MFA. I have always loved the technical aspects of metal working and I find it challenging to create successful pieces. It’s a happy surprise when I make something I like.


I work from my studio/home in Pasadena, and I am a professor emeritus at Pasadena City College where I taught (jewelry, crafts & 3D-design) for 33years. When I retired 5 years ago from academia, my husband built a studio that could accommodate 8 students comfortably. I have taught numerous workshops and classes here, as well as hosted visiting artists.


enamel bowl enamel bowl enamel bowl enamel bowl enamel bowl enamel bowl Brooch Brooch Necklace Brooches/Pendants

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