Metals Challenge 2020


The most common request we’ve had from members is “more time”. So, the Metal Challenge 2020 kits are now for sale until December 15th, which will let us get the kits out mid January. 


In addition to more time, another change this year will be that 2 MASSC members may collaborate on one entry. A collaboration can only make use of one kit and any prize monies will be split. Give this some thought: Has there been another MASSC member you’ve always wanted to collaborate with? Do you have a metalsmithing friend that is not a member that would join MASSC and collaborate with you? Prefer to create on your own, please do, a collaborative piece is only an option.


There will be a theme requirement again this year as well as use of a specific metalsmithing technique.


Juried Grand Prize: $500

Peoples Choice awards to be voted on at the MC luncheon in May:

First Prize $300

Second Prize $200

Third Prize $100


You need to be a 2020 MASSC member to participate in the Metal Challenge 2020. Renew your membership or join at

Registration for the 2020 Challenge has closed.


Is there any way I can purchase past books showing results of previous challanges?  

I forgot to purchase one before I left DEMO day.


Judith Rigney

Hi Judith,

Past Challenge books can be purchased at MASSC Events and workshops, and we have copies we keep in our storage unit. We are sold out of 2014, If you do not wish to wait for the next MASSC event, they can all be purchased through

2018 and 2019 are currently in the works. Apologies for the delay on those.