GOLDEN TICKETS & the Lottery System


The MASSC Lottery is our solution to filling high demand workshops as fairly as possible. 


Lottery dates and lottery contact info for upcoming workshops are announced in the MASSC Newsletter. A typical lottery spans from 7 to 10 days; during that lottery window, interested participants send an email to the contact listed in the newsletter and let them know that they want to be entered into the lottery. Emails requesting to be in the lottery outside of the lottery window dates will not be accepted. At the end of the lottery the Vice President counts the number of Golden Tickets being used by members and then takes everybody’s names and throws them in a hat and shakes them up. Then names are pulled out consecutively until there are no more names. The order they are pulled out is noted by numbering the names. The VP writes down the names of the Golden Ticket users and then adds the people from the hat in order of drawing until the class is full. Anybody left out of the class is added to the waitlist in the order drawn. 


What’s a Golden Ticket? 

Formerly known as the GOOL (get out of lottery), a Golden Ticket is awarded for outstanding volunteer services. It allows you to move to the front of the Lottery line ahead of others who do not have a Golden Ticket, and guarantees you a seat in any workshop of your choice. The Golden Ticket holder must still pay all associated workshop fees. The Ticket is non-transferrable and has no cash value. You do not have to be a member to receive one, but you do need to be a MASSC member to use one. 


How do I use a Golden Ticket?

Golden Ticket holder must disclose possession of Ticket at time of Lottery. When you email the Lottery Contact to enter the Lottery for an upcoming workshop, you tell them then you want to use your Golden Ticket. You can’t choose to use it once the lottery has closed, so make sure we know you are using your Golden Ticket while the Lottery is still open. Golden Ticket must be relinquished at time of Workshop.


How does someone get a Golden Ticket?

When you first signed up for MASSC, there was an option to select things you may be interested in volunteering for. That selection went on a list with your name and when we need say, a Host House in a specific area (near host-school usually) we ask someone from the list. If you are interested in volunteering in any of these areas, shoot an email to Kristi Jensen, our new Membership Coordinator {} and have her update your info with your chosen area(s) of volunteering.


  • Volunteering to be a Host House for our traveling Workshop Teachers will earn you a Golden Ticket you may use on the NEXT upcoming workshop.


  • Presenting at Demo Day will earn you a Golden Ticket


  • Volunteering to help make the end of year SWAG Bag gifts for the MASSC Holiday Party will earn you a Golden Ticket


  • Volunteering to write an article on a MASSC Workshop ahead of the time of the workshop and writing the article before the next newsletter deadline will earn you a Golden Ticket. You cannot volunteer to write the article of an upcoming workshop in order to secure your space in that workshop, as the ticket is awarded when you turn in your article. 


An individual can have a maximum amount of 3 Golden Tickets at a time. This doesn’t mean you couldn't still volunteer, but it does mean you would have to use one to earn another. 


If you have any questions about the Lottery system or the Golden Ticket rules email