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Join us to vote for your favorite entry to this year’s Metal Challenge, share a buffet lunch provided by Jay’s Catering, and celebrate this year’s winners at The Rose Center in Westminster. We encourage you to bring friends and family to this fun and lively event. This event is open to all; you do not have to be a MASSC member to attend.


April 23rd, 2019
Nancy Monkman

Nancy was a well respected and talented Metalsmith and Enamelist. In addition to being our Newsletter editor for many years, Nancy also served as our organization’s videographer. In fact, almost the entire current MASSC video library was produced by Nancy. She held a number of other board positions over the years and was also instrumental in organizing workshops for central California metalsmiths through the educational programs in Santa Barbara. Nancy also served as the editor of SNAG News for over a decade. She was kind, funny and charming and she will be missed. 



January 10th, 2019

Members Spotlight

Elise Preiss

Born and raised in France, I grew up surrounded by history and crafts tradition. So, it’s no surprise I ended up choosing a career in crafts. I studied product design, and while taking mandatory 3D modeling and drafting classes, I quickly realized my passion lay in the making of objects. I never came as alive as when I found myself in the metal shop to work on prototypes. This led to an apprenticeship with French master Blacksmith Guy Pendanx. After relocating from France to Los Angeles to follow a handsome Canadian, I enrolled at CSULB, one of the few graduate programs offering blacksmithing courses in the Los Angeles area. I received an MFA with an emphasis in Metals and 3D media, and work with a variety of materials including fiber, wood, paint, and clay.

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