Wintertime Show & Tell And Jingle Bell Challenge!

Show Your Stuff!
wintertime show and tell

And Jingle Bell Challenge

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Have you been working on a new piece or series of work? Have you discovered a new tool you can't live without? Made any interesting upgrades to your workspace? Join us for this virtual show & tell and share your news with our metalsmithing community, or just sign up to watch, ask questions, and be inspired!


Speaking of inspiration...

for many of us, this Covid situation has sucked the inspiration right out of the atmosphere, and getting into a new creative groove has been difficult, and you might be feeling bummed out that you don't have anything to share. That's one of the reasons we are so excited to introduce a project intended to help get us out of our creative funk and even challenge us to try something new and share what we learn!


The Jingle Bell Challenge!



During our first ever Virtual Holiday Party and Ornament Exchange, MASSC member Virginia Hyatt impressed attendees with her handmade jingle bell ornament, shown above.

We were so excited about it that Virginia sent us the free tutorial she had used to make it and suggested that we put together a little makers challenge to ring in the new year!


Are you up for the challenge?

If you want to try this fun little project out, click the button below to get the tutorial.

Put your knowledge and skills to the test, and feel free to adapt/modify the bare-bones tutorial steps to best suit you and your design.

There are no rules here, we just want you to have fun, challenge yourself, and be ready to share your Jingle Bell making experience with us on January 16th!

download here

Don't forget to RSVP to sign up to share on January 16th.


This event will be recorded and streamed on our public video channel for free.


12:00 pm PST
2:00 PM