Demo Day 2018

El Camino College

The Metal Arts Society of Southern California is proud to announce that it’s annual Demo Day will be held at El Camino Community College, located in Torrance on Saturday, September 8th 2018,  from 10am - 3 pm. We are grateful for the help that Irene Mori, Jewelry/Metalsmithing Professor, has offered.

Members price: $20

Non-Member price: $50

Includes Lunch



2018 Presenter lineup:


Marta Bialy & Anne Wold


Marta Bialy and Anne Wold: Vacuforming


Marta and Anne will explain how vacuforming works and how it can be successfully incorporated with fashion, metals and multi-media disciplines. They will have images, samples and will do a demonstration with an actual Vacuformer.




Jeff Fulkerson

Jeff Fulkerson – Keum-Boo


Jeff is a self-taught silver-smith with a background in construction and design, as seen in Art Jewelry Magazine, Rock & Gem Magazine and Step by Step Wire, Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist Magazine.





Ali Krajewski

Ali Krajewski – Crystal Clear Resin


"Resin can be a tricky material leading to bubbles, leaks, streaks, and other sticky situations.  If you've had a frustrating time or have been scared to attempt to use resin in your artwork, then let me show you the tips and tricks for a perfect pour."




Bradford Smith - Making Design Stamps For Jewelry


Common jewelry tools and techniques can be used to make brad smithcustomized stamps to add visual interest to your jewelry designs or to produce a texture pattern. These design stamps let you accent your work in a unique way or brand your pieces with a stamp that others cannot purchase. And knowing how to fashion your own tool for a special application

Learn the step-by-step process from selecting a piece of steel to carving the design, hardening the steel, and tempering the completed stamp to ensure a long service life. Brad will show the tools to use, walk through  examples of making several design stamps, describe useful shop equipment, and offer tips for saving time and achieving better quality.



Nohline L’ecuyer – Recycling Scrap with Charcoal Casting




10:00 AM
3:00 PM