Demo Day

5 presentations and an opportunity drawing

The Metal Arts Society of Southern California is proud to announce that it’s annual Demo Day will be held ONLINE on Sunday, November 22nd 2020,  from 10am - 3 pm. We are grateful that all of our presenters are willing to transition their demos/presentations for us online.

5 Demonstrations with Q&A

Silent Auction

Chance To Win A $100 Rio Gift Card

Members price: $20

Non-Member price: $35

Registration for this event has closed.     

The event will be recorded and made available Jan 1st 2021 in the Private Members Online Video Library. 

This Year We Have Some Amazing Presenters !!


Teri Brudnak - Using Plot Cutters For Metalwork

If you have ever wondered what a plotter cutter could do in your studio, here is your chance to learn.  I have a Cricut Maker and have used it to cut stencils enameling, roller printing and spray painting.  Also cutting paper mock ups of metal pieces I want to make.  The embossing tool can be used to cut and emboss thin soft metals such as copper and silver.  People who work with metal clay are using these machines to cut and carve shapes from metal clay sheets.

I also will discuss the important part of making designs that cut cleanly in Adobe Illustrator. Vector paths are great for beautiful curves and corners for your shapes.


Anie Piliguian - JoolTool

  Anie presents the JOOLTOOL: the Safest & Most Innovative Benchtop Finishing Tool

Anie, the Creator and CEO of JOOLTOOL, will help you make quick work of popular jewelry-making projects; from shaping metals to polishing stones, enamel and more!

You'll want to do away with your hand files and antiquated buffers; she will show you an easier and safer way to get it done. All on one tool!

Kent Raible: The Art of the Taper
Adding interest to your work through graduation and micro-forging, using tools you already have!


This demo will cover the use of tapered line and graduated elements to increase interest and flow in your designs. We will cover the use of standard workshop tools to create graduated elements, and plier forging of fine wire to create beautiful tapered lines.

Marne Ryan: Fold Forming A Pleated Vessel

Using Sewing Techniques to Raise a Vessel

This demo will cover translating some basic sewing techniques into metal techniques used to create beautiful fold formed pleats, T pleats, accordion pleats and cross pleats. This pleated sheet is then formed in dapping blocks to create a vessel.

Brad Smith - Fabricating A Hinge 


A simple hinge joint can be constructed out of tubing and round wire. Learn the design factors that ensure smooth motion without excessive wear over long term use, and discover a couple special tools and bench tricks that are sure to make the fabrication sequence easy for you.



10:00 am