October 16th, 2016

El Camino College, Torrance

Demo Day

John Rose - Lighting For Jewelry Photography
Taking great photos of your jewelry starts with understanding a few basic principles of lighting. 2Roses will demonstrate the tools and technique you can use to take your jewelry photos
to the next level. Participants will learn how to make their own inexpensive and highly effective lighting equipment and how to use it.

Betsy Manheimer - Uses Of Concrete For Metalwork
Want another alternative medium to add to your jewelry making arsenal? How about concrete? Yes, concrete. This demo will explain the properties of the material and show you how to mix, pour, color, shape and embellish concrete and give you some ideas on how to incorporate it into your metal work to create unusual and unique pieces.

Deb Jemmott - Texture Plates For Roller Printing

Texture can add a layer of visual interest and be a mechanism for expressing individuality when creating jewelry. While many rolling mill textures and texture plates are commercially available, they are often recognizable. Deb will show you how to make your own unique, reusable texture plates for roller printing.

Michelle Ross - Faux Bone Techniques
Faux bone is a PVC product developed by artist/teacher Robert Dancik. In this demo I will show various uses pertaining to the jewelry world. I will demonstrate mark making, coloring, shaping and combining with metal in various ways.

Angelina Smith - Shameless Self Promotion
How can we successfully market ourselves as artists, educators, or technicians? Discipline & Practice. Angelina will explain goal setting and her experience with multiple companies and individuals. No more fear of failure, disappointment, or not being good enough and not being liked.

$20 for MASSC members / $35 for non members
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