Are you interested in sponsoring a student?


MASSC is excited to announce a new initiative to expand our student membership! 

A big part of MASSC’s mission is to preserve metal art heritage, and to share our knowledge and resources within the metalsmithing community. 
To stay true to our vision, we will be reaching out to local metalsmithing programs in order to offer up-and-coming student metalsmiths a sponsored MASSC membership for 2021.

Students who are awarded a sponsored membership will be required to complete their public artist profile on our website, contribute content to our monthly newsletter, and must attend at least 2 board meetings per year.  

We believe that boosting student involvement is an investment in the future of our organization, and MASSC would like to invite you to help by considering sponsoring a student membership. Your donation is tax deductible and will help to infuse our organization with fresh talent, perspectives and skills that will benefit the membership as a whole. 

We hope that you will join us in this effort to cultivate and sustain the future of our craft. 

$30 Student Sponsored Membership

Important: make sure you fill out the form after the payment.