Pressed Box Workshop




Join us for a “pressing” workshop that will showcase the use of either a hydraulic press or a vise to construct a small box with no soldering required! Enjoy this follow-along-style workshop online on Zoom Sept 25th at 10:00 am with your host Angelina Smith.

Participants get to choose the box shape they would like to create. Kit includes the die set of your choice and corresponding pattern!

box choice

$60 for MASSC Members - $75 for non-members (Die kit is included in class fee!)

Registration Closed

Materials and Tools Needed to Participate:

  • Some thin Gauge Metal to play with:
    • At minimum 2 pieces of 3"x3" 20g-24g Copper, Brass or Bronze (recommended metals)
  • Copper or brass rod (for the hinge-pin)
    • You can use various sizes, something around 1/16" works well.
  • Torch or Kiln (to anneal your metal)
  • Hydraulic Press or Vise (to form your pressing) if using a Vise
  • Various jewelry pliers (to form the hinge and hasp)


10:00 am
4:00 pm