Hammer Texture Workshop

With Andrea Harvin-Kennington

MASSC has the pleasure of presenting a truly unique online interactive tool making workshop from Andrea Harvin-Kennington of NC Black Tool Company.

Registration is now closed

hammer example

In this workshop, Andrea will teach students how to create their own texture hammers to make unique metal surfaces for handmade jewelry. Students will receive a specially designed kit in the mail and will learn how to carve their own designs into the provided hammer faces, heat treat the hammerheads for durability, and set the heads on handles all in their own studios. If students don't have the capability to harden and treat the hammer heads in their own studios, NC Black tool company will take care of all of that for them!

hammer examples

The class format includes 1 – 1.5 hours of video in 3 – 5 minute video clips on the Vimeo platform , supplemented by 3 half hour Zoom meetings per day where students receive help with questions or problems.


MASSC Member Workshop Price $240

Non-Member Workshop Price $275 

Workshop Price Includes A Shipped Workshop Kit!

Registration closed Sept 25th

Things that students should have in their own studios to fully enjoy this workshop experience:

Students should have: 
Flex shaft
Air/acetylene torch with # 2 or # 3 tip (Oxy-Propane will also work)
Fire brick
Soup can or other metal container to hold water for quenching
Bench vise to hold hammer head while carving
Bench pin
Bastard file, needle files, or other shaped files
Round Chainsaw Files in assorted sizes (available at lowes, home depot and other hardware stores)      
Drill bits #61 thru #50, just an assortment, doesn’t need to be each size.
Sharpie pen – the large one, or Dykem layout fluid
Reinforced cutoff wheels and mandrel
Assorted carbide or diamond burs:

1/8” Shank Egg Shaped Carbide Bur
Item number BUR-SE-41
$4.10 each
From:     Victor Machinery Exchange
www.victornet.com        800-723-5359
3mm Wheel Diamond Bur Coarse Grit    
$13.50 for 6 pieces
5mm Wheel Diamond Bur Coarse Grit    
$13.50 for 6 pieces

Polishing wheel for flex shaft (or a buffing machine and buffs if you have one)


Metalsmith Andrea Harvin-Kennington has been involved in the metals industry for more than 25 years. She earned her MFA in Metals Design from East Carolina University in 1994 and apprenticed with Betty Helen Longhi from 1995-1997.

During her apprenticeship, Andrea began teaching at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art, and taught there until 2010.

She has owned and operated Kennington Designs since 1994. In 2009, Andrea established NC Black Co. in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where she and her team craft micro-tools for metalworking. 

9:00 am pst
4:00 pm pst