Electro Etching with Teri Brudnak


Date: July 22nd, 2023

Time: 10am to 2pm Pacific Time

Location: Online Via Zoom

Price: $125 for MASSC Members / $140 for Non-Members


Class Description:

Can’t tell your Anode from your Cathode? Always wanted to try galvanic etching?
Take the mystery out of this process with simple instructions that will get you up and etching

Steel can be etched for enameling, fused jewelry or making embossing plates for the rolling
mill. Copper and silver can be etched for Champlevé or just a unique texture.
Making various etching baths, cleaning and preparing metal, using safe procedures and
maximizing the aesthetic impact of your design work will all be addressed. Also we will cover using the Cricut cutter to cut resists from vinyl as well as commercial stencils that can be used for masking. You will learn how to use some innovative etching resists in new ways.

About The Instructor:

Teri Brudnak
Teri Brudnak

During her undergraduate studies in Art at Calif State University Long Beach, Teri Brudnak encountered inspiring teachers in the Metals program. She studied Silversmithing, Jewelry and Bronze Sculpture. Her interest in Art and Technology led to explorations in holography, electronics for jewelry and liquid crystals. As technology became more available to artists, she began to work with early computers to create video and 3D models. Eventually working with fractal digital images to explore worlds composed of computer code and fractal math.

Drawing, painting and jewelry making still remain central to her work—in traditional media and virtual. From a strong interest in ancient metal working techniques, she has been currently exploring working with gold fused to steel for her jewelry pieces as well as glass and  acrylic. Materials are the message as they carry significant meaning and symbolism.

She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally in galleries and exhibitions in the US, Italy, Korea, Japan and Indonesia.