Stay @ Home Workshop: Wavy Wire Hoop Earrings

wavy hoop

On May 16th I had the pleasure of attempting to host an online workshop that members could follow-along with. MASSC had about 60 people tuned in, some attempting to follow along and make Wavy Wire Hoop Earrings, some just to watch. The demo took about 2 hours total, with our tech glitches and whatnot.  But not after long we were all rolling or hammering our wavy wire into hoops!

wavy wire thumb

I began with a short Slide Presentation which I screen-shared and explained the general steps of making wavy wire, and then I led my group through the live steps of zig-zagging the wire, rolling it through our rolling mills and twisting the wire open to achieve the wave effect. I then checked in to see how everybody was progressing, and then moved on to show forming the wire into hoops, soldering, and a little patination ....  Viola! 

Erin Proctor
Erin Proctor - Wavy Wire Result


Lori Hooks - Wavy Wire Result
Lori Hooks - Wavy Wire Result


Joe McFaul - Wavy Wire Result


I think that the workshop was a success considering ti was our FIRST EVER ATTEMPT. I am excited to try it again, but I think if we are going to do this online workshop format again, we will have to make it either JUST a demo or JUST a workshop, with nobody auditing a workshop as a demo, because there were too many screens to sort through to find people who were trying to show me their progress. 

Thanks to everybody who tuned in for this learning experience, and special thanks to Erin Proctor for her co-moderation!


~The Hydraulic Press~

So, the next workshop will be strictly a follow along workshop, meaning only people participating and making things live will be admitted. No watching as a demonstration will be permitted for the LIVE workshop, HOWEVER, the workshop will be videographed and made available online in our video Library for members to view at a later date.  Check here for new videos: