Nancy Monkman Memorial Scholarship

Nancy Monkman

Nancy was a well respected and talented Metalsmith and Enamelist. In addition to being our Newsletter editor for many years, Nancy also served as our organization’s videographer. In fact, almost the entire current MASSC video library was produced by Nancy. She held a number of other board positions over the years and was also instrumental in organizing workshops for central California metalsmiths through the educational programs in Santa Barbara. Nancy also served as the editor of SNAG News for over a decade. She was kind, funny and charming and she will be missed. 



In honor of Nancy’s memory and her years of service, MASSC is proud to introduce the Nancy Monkman Memorial Scholarship. 



~ Donate to the Nancy Monkman Memorial Scholarship Fund ~


Donations are tax deductible .



$1,000  toward fulfilling your  ~Jewelry Arts Dream~

Applicant must: 

•Have a Jewelry Arts Dream

•Be a current MASSC member

•Submit the following information via email -no later than March 31st, 2020.


* Resumé

Include name, address, contact information, educational history, and work history. Include any awards, exhibitions or other scholarships you may have received.


* Artist Statement

Please limit this to 1,000 words, submitted in either a Word .doc/.docx or as a .pdf 


* Essay of Intent

1,000 words describing how you would use the money toward your dream. It could be a class at GIA about diamonds, gold fabrication with Metalsmiths in Florence, a class at Haystack or Penland, etc...


* Image List

Please include a list identifying each image with the following information: title, materials, size, date created.


* Images

Applicants may submit a maximum of 8 digital images, and a minimum of 5 images, ideally representing a minimum of 4 completed pieces.

Image requirements: All images should be submitted via Go to the free service, drag your files into the window and select “link”.  Your images will be uploaded to their server and a link will be generated for you to copy and paste into the email you send with the rest of your packet.  All images need to be high-resolution .jpg images. Images should be 300 dpi and at least 6′′ on the smallest side. Please label images as follows: last name_title_image number.jpg   For example: Smith_Untitled_1.jpg

*Letter of Recommendation

Submit letter digitally along with your application. Include person’s name, work position, academic affiliation, address, email, and telephone number. 


All text should be submitted as attachments: Word .doc or .docx or .pdf documents.


Send all 6 documents and your link to with the subject: 

“Jewelry Arts Dream – First name Last name”


• Applicants to this scholarship must meet ALL the above criteria. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.


2019 Winner will be announced at the Metals Challenge Luncheon 

Scholarship recipient must use the award for its designated purpose and submit a newsletter article (with photos) on how the money was used and how it supports the recipients Jewelry Arts Dream by Dec 10th 2019. Initial Artist Statement, Essay of Intent AND your article will appear in the Jan 2020 issue of MASSC News.


~ Donate to the Nancy Monkman Memorial Scholarship Fund ~