Covid Can't Stop Us!

On Friday, May 8th, over 30 MASSC members tuned in free via Zoom to participate in our very first Virtual Demo Event! 


Erin ProctorWe kicked off the first of (hopefully) many virtual events with a demonstration my U-MARQ GemFx5 engraving machine, which is a computer aided table-top system that works sort of like a miniature milling machine. 

Over the course of the hour, I took questions and lead the group through the process of creating a suitable image, formatting, positioning, and editing it within the built-in software, and then we all watched as the machine did its engraving magic and made quick work of the demo project, which turned out to be a sneak peak at a limited edition run of commemorative MASSC pins that participants were able to get first dibs on!


Covid Cant Stop U


It was an interesting peek at a tool that many participants had never seen before, and I had a great time hosting it for everyone. What was even more enjoyable was the feeling of getting together again and seeing familiar faces as well as some newcomers! Even if it was only from a computer or cell phone screen, it was great to see so many of our members and I'm sure I'm not the only one whose heart felt a little warmer being able to interact and talk some shop with friends during this very strange time. Covid definitely can't stop us! 

We can't wait to see everybody again for our next online event! 

If you missed the demo, MASSC members will be able to catch the video highlights on our Members Only Vimeo Channel!  (you must be a member to access)


Limited Edition MASSC Covid Can't Stop Us Pins

Grab your pin while they last! 

Each pin is numbered, and only 50 will be made. 


Silver-fill and copper, deeply engraved with Covid Can't Stop Us on the front, and MASSC 2020 on the back. Tie-tack style, 25mm in diameter. 


$23 w/shipping OR

$20 (curbside pickup at Erin's home studio in Westminster)


To order, simply send payment to Erin, and be sure to email her your address or to arrange a pick-up time.

Payment forms accepted:

Venmo:  @saturn5

Zelle: send payment using her email

Cash if you're doing curbside pick-up


Feel free to contact Erin with any questions.