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Name ___________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________
City ______________________ State __________ Zip Code _______________
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Must be

  • MASSC membership required to participate. Join at MASSConline.com
  • Entry must be wearable jewelry,
    ie. ring, necklace, pendant, brooch, bracelet, fibula, earrings, etc.
  • Choose from the materials sent in the box, including one wildcard
    (which you provide & optional)
  • Wildcard may be a material like: stones, found object, enamel.Â
    Only one wildcard item can be added
  • Any metal forming technique is permitted,
    ie. texturing, patina, etching, soldering, riveting
  • Family friendly, non-offensive
  • Make use of 5 or more items included in the kit
  • Only one Jewelry Challenge entry per MASSC member
  • Participant must comply with the rules to be eligible for a prize


These are the particulars regarding the timeline, the box and its contents
are a surprise until you receive it.

  • Box will cost $40 (Valued at $50.00)
  • To be paid to MASSC by February 17th
  • Entries limited
  • Box will be sent February 22nd
  • Entry is due April 22nd by 5pm to Ketarah Shaffer at address on entry form,
    along with the statement and your headshot to be sent to diaweimer@verizon.net
  • Statement and headshot must be turned in when you turn in your entry


  • January 2 – Announce with blast to membership
  • January 20 – Registration for Jewelry Challenge begins
  • February 17 – Money due from participants
  • February 22 – Send box- include entry/application
  • March 6 April 21 – to make the piece, create bio/statement,
    and headshot
  • April 22 – Entry to be received by 5pm MASSC
  • April 23 May 21 – prepare for luncheon
  • May 21 or June 4 – (Final date is pending) Award Luncheon

To Register

Via PayPal: Use the PayPal button below to pay for your registration, then email or US mail this Application form to Ketarah Shaffer, 24413 Chancellor CT, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.

Via Check: Complete this application form, and send it, with a check for $40 payable to MASSC, to Ketarah Shaffer, 24413 Chancellor Court, Laguna Hills, CA 92653

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Ketarah Shaffer.
Completed Jewelry Challenge item must be received by April 22, 2016 by 5pm.

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